Employer Branding relates to an employer’s reputation as a place to work and their value proposition.

A strong employer brand can:   

  • Reduce your time to hire by 50%

  • Reduce cost per hire by 50%

  • Improve retention of staff by 28%

  • Make candidate 3x more likely to trust you as an employer

  • Double the number of qualified applicants.

Taking a strategic approach, our team at New World Recruitment can help your company review and evaluate your employer brand, make recommendations on any areas of improvement and implement the changes.

Employer branding is very much about content and communication. But it’s not just enough to have great content, but about ensuring this content is
seen as much as possible.

As this is what drives traffic to your brand, and ultimately drives talent towards your business, at which point you can engage and nurture them
into potential hires.

This is where New World Recruitment fits in. Employer Branding focuses on a number of key areas, including:

  • Company Culture & Values

  • Website & Blog

  • Employee Stories & Advocacy

  • Public Perception

  • Job Listings & Career Page

  • Company Reviews

  • Awards & Accolades

  • Candidate Communication


We can work in partnership with you to help ensure your company has an
excellent reputation and employer brand. If you would like to find out more
about our Employer Branding solutions, please get in touch for a confidential chat to see how we can support you.

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