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Why are providers not applying for Reasonable Adjustments to support learners as much as they should?

23 November 2020

By Adam Spoors

I was interviewing a candidate recently, and for one of the questions I asked they gave a great example of how they identified a specific learner had learning difficulties, and they were able to apply for RAs in order to get extra support and in turn funding - it was interesting as this was something I know little about, and they only identified this difficulty almost mid way through the programme

Since that call, and by chance, the CEO of Cognassist released an article on this.

It seems that this is incredibly common across FE, and it seems to be quite an obvious thing to account for. Taking into consideration the wide demographic of people that utilise Apprenticeships and the wider FE to upskill and retrain, a vast number of them are likely to suffer from various learning difficulties, and some won’t even know it.

This could play into learner retention as well. Retention gaps and leaks can come from all sorts of reasons, but disengagement from the course because an individual is not being catered for is something that can be solved and will plug a solution to what is obviously a prevalent issue.

If this is something that you want to look into, or are already considering this and looking for a solution. Then I’d recommend getting in touch with the team at Cognasist

A number of NWR clients already utilise Cognasist so if you want an unbiased insight to the platform, get in touch and I’ll put you in touch with one of the providers.

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