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Look after your talent pools, they could be future hires!

23 November 2020

By Adam Spoors

It's great to see a number of providers really making strides of growth, especially after such an uncertain year

We are now seeing quite a few roles being advertised across the FE market, specifically in roles that are notoriously 'talent short' – By talent short, I mean those roles where you know there are only a certain amount of qualified/skilled people to fit that role.

In FE some of the obvious talent short roles includes the likes IT & Digital Trainers (Specifically Cyber & Data), Leadership Trainers, high performing Sales & Ops Manager/Directors – just to name a few, there’s plenty more.

Where in the past you may only have 1 or 2 candidates available, right now you may be lucky enough to have 5 or 6.

But if you can only hire 1, still look after the other 5!

Generally speaking, you should be treating all of your applicants or talent pool with recent. After all they are people and it’s the decent thing to do. But we also know you cannot hire everyone and not everyone will fit your business. So when you identify a number of suitable/potential hires, look after them. Even if you can’t hire them now, if you continue to grow, you may be knocking on their door again very soon

We've seen and heard of a few situations where this has happened in the past few weeks, and it's damaging to your employer brand

You as the employer might have the bigger stick right now, but come next year, it's going to flip very quickly back to being a candidate driven market

If you can't offer all 5 a role, be open and honest with them, treat them with respect and they'll be open to another conversation in the future

Do the opposite, and you've got a big head ache coming next year

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